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Join us every Saturday from 1-5pm for complimentary wine and spirits tastings. Offerings vary to feature our newest and seasonal items.

Our reach is far and wide.  We can procure almost any special wine or spirits you are looking for.  Contact a team member to start the search! info@vintology.com

From a party of 10-400, we can advise and arrange for you wine and bar provisions. Full services include delivery to event site and pre-chilling. info@vintology.com

Dean Morretta, proprieter, brings his 20+ years of knowledge and Bordeaux relationships to arrange for your Bordeaux futures. info@vintology.com

Vintology closes its doors for your private use and a customized tasting led by a knowledgeable team member. A unique event for all. INFO

A Vintology team member will happy conduct your in-home wine tasting or wine education event. We can  customize any creative idea! INFO

We can arrange all your gift giving. Full services include complimentary wrapping, cards, special wine and spirits selections, and shipping.

We can deliver your order of wine, near and far. Gifts will be wrapped in our stylish wrapping with complimentary gift cards.

Free parking in front and rear of store. A Vintology team member will happily assist you to your car.

How We Are Different


Our service is attentive, friendly and discerning. We truly care about our customers and consider them friends.  One of the key components we believe makes Vintology unique is conversations. Our ability to take the time for these conversations, and our genuine desire to have them with you, is rare in these fast-paced times.

Wine Selection

Our wines are carefully chosen. We taste every wine that is presented to us, on average tasting 100 wines per week.  Each wine is competing for one of our coveted 288 ever changing spots. If it doesn't exceed our expectations it's not selected to be at Vintology. You can be confident that the wines you purchase at Vintology will be great.

Respect for Value

Our wines are priced below what they drink at.  We have a knack for finding wines that over-deliver quality relative to their price.

Wine Knowledge

We have over 65 combined years of fine wine knowledge, with experience in sales, importing, distributing, retail and the restaurant industry.  We've also garnered strong relationships with winemakers and growers from around the world. Read staff bios.

Respect for Your Palate

Our respect for you palate is focal to our service. We can be a guide, but listen to no one except yourself.  Your palate knows best. Your opinion, not ratings and awards, is the most important review! We also hope to help you experiment with all different types of wine and find wines in all categories that you enjoy.

Respect for the Wine

Our wine is treated with care. We properly store and transport our wine, and work with importers and distributors who hold the same high standards.


Dean Morretta, Owner

After growing up locally and studying business at Boston College, Dean bided his time working at a prominent wine retailer while waiting for his corporate ‘dream’ job.  Soon after getting that corporate position, Dean realized that the dream corporate job wasn’t really his dream; he loved wine!  He quickly learned the retail trade as a French wine buyer, then stepped into a position with a major fine wine importer, setting up new distribution in the Northeast with leading fine wine wholesalers.  Following his time as an importer, he was the Fairfield Sales Manager at a leading fine wine distributor in Connecticut. With 17 years in the wine trade, Dean finally decided to use his extensive experience and contacts from around the world to begin his own wine shop.

Vintology was born, and the first year open was the toughest, having endured a stock market collapse in October 2008.  Dean was concerned but endured. As Vintology has grown, it has succeeded in becoming an important part of the local and wine industry communities.  “So far,” Dean says, “it's all that I could have hoped for.” Contact info@vintology.com

George McGough

Contact george@vintology.com

Mike Horton

Originally from Arkansas, Mike flew all over the world as a navigator for the Tennessee Air National Guard.  He was transferred to New York City with the Veterans Administration Hospital System, finally moving to Scardale for the school system.  Through the 1980s and 90s Mike worked in construction/project management, and between construction gigs, noticed a help-wanted sign in a local wine shop.  Thinking it might be something to do until the contracting industry settled, he walked in, got a job and ended up staying for 6 years.  There he met Dean and Garret. Mike moved on to become a wholesale representative for a fine wine importer before joining a friend’s import and distribution venture.  He managed two retail shops, and then, after Dean established Vintology, Mike joined him as wine consultant in the fall of 2009.  Mike and all consider it a great move!

Garret Whitney

Garret grew up in Scarsdale and went to work for a prominent wine retailer in 1981.  What started as ‘just a job’ soon grew into an enthusiastic interest in fine wine, especially during the incredible growth of the wine industry in America in the 1980s and 1990s.  Garret took a leave from wine retail in the 80s for a full time gig with a popular rock band. After four cherished years in music and returning the wine industry, Garret discovered his forte in customer service.  He enjoyed helping clients purchase wine to meet their needs, be it a dinner party for four or a large celebration.  He soon moved into a manager position of the customer service department and call center, and then continued in to the wine auction division.  He finally reunited with Dean at Vintology and enjoys providing that unique customer service.

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